Certified organic cosmetic
Certified organic cosmetic for the whole family
We will not hide. We will not change. We will do our best.
Releasing 6 new organic cosmetic products for the whole family usage!
Special organic recipe makes you feel safe.
Organic Artemisia Foam Cleanser
Artemisia extract has a clean effect which does not irritate
the skin. The product has a combined COSMOS certified
11 component and natural fermented extract that is good
for skin. It is even safe to use on sensitive skin.
The product could be used on any kind of skin type and any age.
All family members can use this organic certified foam clenser.
Organic Artemisia Feminine Wash
Artemisia extract has an effect to calm the feminine
private area during use, producing enough foam
which could help to wash the sensitive private area.
The COSMOS certified 10 component and best design formula
with lactic acid could keep the private feminine area
in healthy condition with certain moisture, avoiding
dry and sensitive conditions.
Organic Acorus Shampoo
Calamus extract can deeply wash scalp and hair.
The neutral organic shampoo helps hair to retain moisture.
With the COSMOS certified and extracted from 10 organic
components,the shampoo can reduce harm to scalp
and prevent hair-loss. The shampoo also contains
rich natural fermented extracts, with the effect of
protecting hair roots with hair care.
Organic Aloe Body Wash
Aloe barbadensis leaf extract helps skin to keep moisturized
and calm. Rich foam can soften skin and clean sebum.
According to the COSMOS certification, the best design formula
contains 11 kinds of organics and natural fermented extracts,
which could protect skin and help keep the entire body
in a healthy condition. The product can be used on any kind of
skin quality and any age.
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