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Completion of organic certification by COSMOS for all Cosvalley products

Cosvalley is cooperating in reviewal of whole process related to product recipe and facility/process through annually renewal. The certification renewal process secures the safety, reliability, and quality control of organic cosmetics.
What is COSMOS organic cosmetic certification?
COSMOS(COSmetic Organic Standard) organic cosmetic certification is an organic cosmetic certification mark with an international level unified by COSMOS-AISBL which consists of 5 certification agencies in European countries, BDIH in Germany, ICEA in Italy, ECOCERT & COSMEBIO in France, and Soil Association in England. The certificate authority designated by COSMOS-AISBL is ACO in Australia, Bureau veritas and ECOCERT in France, ICEA in Italy, Soil Association in England, and KTR is designated as a domestic certification authority.
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