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Manufacturing facility

The whole product of Cosvalley organic cosmetic is produced hygienically in the manufacturing facility which obtained ISO 22716 and registered in CGMP. Use organic cosmetic brand Cosvalley which is produced under strict and clean environment throughout the whole manufacturing process.
What is CGMP standard production and quality control?
It is a standard of intensified medicine production and quality control as a standard of medicine quality control recognized by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and called as ‘advanced GMP’ in Korea. Advanced regulatory authorities such as FDA are applying the provision of GMP such as CGMP strictly, and when admitting medicine import, they require the manufacturing and maintenance in accordance with CGMP or equivalent regulations(such as EU-GMP) obligatorily. Korea established KGMP(Korean Good Manufacturing Practice) and it is applied to various food and medicine produced and distributed in Korea. The application scope of KGMP is lower than CGMP as a global standard, and the product facility certified by CGMP conducts the quality control more thoroughly.

What is ISO-22716 certification?
ISO-22716 is an international standard established by ISO in November, 2007. It is organized and systematic regulations of product safety and quality control that every process of cosmetic product should be followed from structure of manufacturer to its facilities, purchasing ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, and sales.

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